Jardin Study I


Artist: Carl White


To inquire about purchasing this piece, please call the Grant Berg gallery at (587) 259-6333.


Painting by Carl White

Oil on prepared paper

Size: 11″ x 15″

About the Artist

Carl White

Carl White creates visual poetry with his art. He combines historical classical art and mythology with graffiti and uses Renaissance imagery against strong gestural marks. Carl’s paintings are not only meant to be viewed, but experienced. He has a unique ability to go beyond image and text to tell a story only felt by the viewer’s own inner voice in a place between realism and abstraction. Carl was born in Liverpool, England and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta. His Diploma from the Alberta College of Art and Design is in Graphic Design, Painting and Drawing. Carl’s paintings have been widely exhibited and are in collections nationally and internationally. His commissions include the National Press Building in Washington D.C. Carl is also an instructor of figure drawing and painting at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Carl is a member of the Artists Circle and was nominated for the 2005 Sobey Award.

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