Icy Glare of a Lion


Artist: Glen Ronald


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Painting by Glen RonaldnAcrylic on Panel 23″ x 29″

About the Artist

Glen Ronald

Glen Ronald creates original, unique paintings and subconscious illustrations that are colourful, playful, and energetic. He uses a variety of media and techniques that appeals to a variety of aesthetics. Glen’s art imagery begins in chaos, on the edge of oblivion where failure is a possibility, but then he finds the ideas and order within the chaos and pulls them out to create powerful, meaningful images. His artwork is a mix of realism, abstraction, and surrealism. He creates portraits, wildlife paintings, and landscapes. Many of his pieces use ink as a medium for its unpredictable way of behaving. He received an Honours Degree in Microbiology, and dabbled in steelwork and teaching, but following that he pursued fine arts which is his passion. Glen works and resides in Edmonton, Alberta.

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